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May 2018
Lee Haisen
May 19 2018 13:21

i was wondering can i transfer Tokens/Ether between two addresses that i've generated without having to pay any gass. like for example i've created a wallet where i have
5Eth in one address and 5Eth in second address now i want to send 10ETH to the 3rd address that i've generated.

and if we see collectively i do have 10Eth in my two addresses is it possible to send that Ether from both of my addresses to my 3rd address without having to pay gass ?
Or do i have to send a transaction from both those addresses separately?

and same for tokens can i have some kind of internal transaction between the addresses that i have generated so i don't have to pay any gass ?

Lee Haisen
May 19 2018 14:31
Juan Blanco
May 19 2018 17:03
@leehaisen01_gitlab you have to send 2 separate transactions
the accounts are disconnected
Lee Haisen
May 19 2018 17:58
@juanfranblanco Thank you so much again, hope i'm not bothering too much..
May 19 2018 19:56
Hi Juan
I was trying to use Nethereum with Unity 3d game engine
Based on your tutorial I was able to connect to test network from desktop build
and the account balance is properly read and displayed
however when I build this same project for WebGL the solution no longer works
the following error is visible in development console:
Any ideas what could that be?
Many thanks for help in advance
Juan Blanco
May 19 2018 21:20
You need the link.xml file
This is the simple sample
Might help