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May 2018
Juan Blanco
May 21 2018 05:24
@Palkos83 You were mainly stripping out files needed by the Unity3d (AOT) Json.Net
May 21 2018 11:26

Good day to you guys.

Ummm i don't know why but the filter is not working .

In the Filter where it returns hexbiginteger there is a value but i don't know why the log is returning null

Please help me

Please refer to my codes

Thank you

C# Codes
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Lee Haisen
May 21 2018 11:40
@juanfranblanco fixed it already but thanks for the reply.
Juan Blanco
May 21 2018 12:45
@reinarukami did you set the filter after the transaction?
if you have you can try instead get all changes
May 21 2018 17:59
Hi guys, I have a very very simple task, but I do not understand where the entry point is) I started the wallet using the metamask chrome extension, the ropsten test network. One of the accounts is a conditional ICO with a deployed contract. The second is a conditional user / participant. All I need is to just transfer the air from the second to the first in the ropsten test network) And find out the number of accrued tokens. Please do not throw slippers :) just a link