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May 2018
May 24 2018 04:48 UTC
Hello comrades!) Suppose I have a private key, I can somehow get the address of the contract, right?
ok just new Account(key).Address :)
Juan Blanco
May 24 2018 05:32 UTC
@ThatSlyGuy ledger uses a different path that's why. On using different number of words check the BIP (boarding a plane cannot dig it right now)
@wtlab yes that's about it
@aspramsh if your status is 1 the txn was successful. Check the solidity source?
May 24 2018 05:58 UTC
OK thanks a lot.
Michael van der Veeken
May 24 2018 07:15 UTC
@juanfranblanco : Can I inject my own RpcClient into Web3? This is related to the question about basic authentication from yesterday.
Michael van der Veeken
May 24 2018 07:30 UTC
I got it, question was premature
public static Web3 Web3
if (Variables.ContainsKey("ETH_RPC_USER") && Variables.ContainsKey("ETH_RPC_PWD"))
var basicAuth = Convert.ToBase64String(
string.Format("{0}:{1}", Variables["ETH_RPC_USER"], Variables["ETH_RPC_PWD"])));
                var authHeader = new AuthenticationHeaderValue("basic", basicAuth);
                var endpoint = new Uri(Variables.RpcEndpoint);
                var client = new RpcClient(endpoint, authHeader);
                var web3 = new Web3(client);
                return web3;
                return new Web3(Variables.RpcEndpoint);
Haris Botić
May 24 2018 09:19 UTC
Hi everyone :) joined just now, because I have a problem I am stack on
, anyone knows the solution?
May 24 2018 10:29 UTC

Hi could someone take the a look at the issue i just posted?


I am having trouble with pending transaction filters

May 24 2018 12:21 UTC
@juanfranblanco Hi. I have sent tokens from my ERC20 contract to a wallet, now I want to send these tokens back from the user wallet to contract address, how can I do this?
Juan Blanco
May 24 2018 13:52 UTC
@mvdv great, that was simple :)
@5murf if you are using infura you will get that problem.
May 24 2018 13:53 UTC
Im using a parity QuikNode
does it need to be Geth?
Juan Blanco
May 24 2018 13:55 UTC
@harisbotic I believe this is due to new version of nbitcoin, a new release of Nethereum will include it (the end of next week)
May 24 2018 13:59 UTC
Thanks a lot.
Jonathan Sheely
May 24 2018 20:06 UTC
Are there examples of getting events by Indexed param ? Having trouble getting the syntax right for filterInput since it's listed a an object[]
Nevermind. I just messed up the signature. new object[] { "mystring"} vs new {"mystring}
May 24 2018 23:53 UTC
there is no returned value on this
var transactionHash = tokenService.ApproveAsync(senderAddress, addressTo, tokens, new HexBigInteger(100000));
any idea what I am doing wrong