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May 2018
Juan Blanco
May 29 2018 08:39
@WilcoBakker not yet
@bankojan even if the gas price is zero you need some ether
So in quorum, your accounts will need some ether transferred from a genesis account even if the gas price is zero
May 29 2018 09:19
Is there a way to sign a transaction using EIP155?
Juan Blanco
May 29 2018 13:07
@bankojan yes use the chain id in the account constructor
Wilco Bakker
May 29 2018 13:31
@juanfranblanco in what stage of development is WebSockets at the moment, Juan? Because I couldn't find any issue mentioning WebSockets. In the very early stages, I suppose?
May 29 2018 14:05
Hey @juanfranblanco
I'd like to ask if I can pass a string "0xfaaa12415125..." in a contract which takes bytes32
May 29 2018 16:26

Hey @Pzixel - I'm not Juan but let me try answering. :) You could pass that as a string, but bytes32 will treat them each as an ASCII character and store up to 32 characters only...

If it's a hash in string type, you could do a .HexToByteArray to store. To return you can use .ToHex

May 29 2018 16:26
Thank you, that fits me
Stef Heyenrath
May 29 2018 20:16
@Pzixel When that string is a real Address on the blockchain, you should use the address type.
May 29 2018 21:48
No, i want to pass a keccak256'd value
which is stringified hexdigit value