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Jun 2018
Jun 02 2018 02:38
@xeeshan74 - any chance you're on .NET451 with the WCF project? Infura recently updated to TLS2
So if you're using 451 you'll need to explicitly assign the security protocol (servicepointmanager.securityprotocol = securityprotocoltype.tls12)
Juan Blanco
Jun 02 2018 06:16
@phoxha are you generating solidity? or generating c# from abi
Jun 02 2018 06:40
Thank @juanfranblanco
Jun 02 2018 07:27
@xeeshan74 maybe you are facing the same issue that we got. We run UT ok but run from the MVC app didnt and the error is from TLS2 that mentioned above.
Jun 02 2018 08:05
@EnigmaticUnreal_twitter worked bro thanks
Jun 02 2018 20:30
Hi! and noob's question again:) How can i get token symbol from contract address only?