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Jun 2018
Jun 11 2018 11:42
@juanfranblanco thanks!strange. I have a transaction that does not finish within 8 minutes.
Can I revoke/reject it in nethereum?
Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 16.39.53.png
"Sorry, we are unable to locate this Transaction Hash" now
Jun 11 2018 17:49
my code looks something like this:
var log = parity.Eth.Filters.GetLogs.SendRequestAsync(filter).Result[0]; Nethereum.Contracts.Event.DecodeAllEvents<Nethereum.StandardTokenEIP20.Events.DTO.Transfer>(new Nethereum.RPC.Eth.DTOs.FilterLog[] { log })
Problem is, this (txhash) got through this filter: 0x400bf067489548ab8e46c29c3187ca0f790ed1dfc3ee641c08feca0b2ab06852
Jun 11 2018 17:54
also 'transfer.Event.AddressTo' comes out as null and 'transfer.Event.Value' comes out as something not 0. Is there a bug in the library, or am i doing sth wrong?