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Jun 2018
Juan Blanco
Jun 16 2018 04:50
@Aify see above
it was asked before
Juan Blanco
Jun 16 2018 04:58
@iwooden no there is not for multiple outputs, although as solidity is moving now to complex return types with structs creating tuple return might lead people into the wrong path. Hence CQS messages generated with separation of concerns are a better approach. Also your example is rather simplistic as it does not included indexed values too
Please use Web3.Convert
it is a static method now
Juan Blanco
Jun 16 2018 05:08
@iwooden continuing...
if your strings are indexed there (for example) they will be a keccak hash only
so some information of the Abi is important if not all
you can obviously try to guess :)
Juan Blanco
Jun 16 2018 05:19
I am looking into it as how to achieve something generic with complex types
BUT you are going to need an abi as things get more complex
Web3 in javascript has not implemented yet the structs support, well Nethereum has not code generated them
either :)
for more info
Jun 16 2018 09:13
Hello , is anyone interested in making own c# cryptocurrency ?