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Jun 2018
Jun 24 2018 04:03
Hi there. I apologize if this is a bit too off topic for this chat, but I was wondering if it is possible to somehow connect to the Ledger's Ethereum app via Nethereum. I would love to be able to interact with the addresses on the Ledger and perform some calls via the accounts but have no idea where I could even begin. If this is not something that is remotely possible with Nethereum, does anybody have any idea where I might start? The Ledger .NET api only has the ability to connect to the Bitcoin app unfortunately.
Juan Blanco
Jun 24 2018 14:46
@ThatSlyGuy No not at the moment. But yes, it is one of the thoughts to provide out of the box hardware support. Now by when is another story.
Jun 24 2018 16:57
I understand! That would indeed be a great feature, but I will not pester you about it :)
El Amen
Jun 24 2018 16:57
Hi all, please I was able to resolve my issues by downgrading my Nethereum version can you please recommend a documentation or tutorial for to learn the latest Nethereum API. Thank you
I mean the 2.5* version