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Jun 2018
Jun 30 2018 03:45
how are those keystores being generated @efootstep
Michael van der Veeken
Jun 30 2018 04:54
@efootstep : This is not my expertise, but this is interesting. You said the same code is working in windows, but have you tried it with the 'mac' keystore file? It almost looks like it is a different version or something (without the id). How was that mac keystore file generated?
by 'mac' I mean IOS :)
Jun 30 2018 16:34
@juanfranblanco ,
I have noticed that Nethereum project files are a bit unusual.
In particullar - Web3 project has no Compile Inlude tags, and still somehow adds every C# file.
May you please explain, how this works?
I mean - no wilcards, nothing, and it still magically works.
Juan Blanco
Jun 30 2018 16:35
  • .netcore + .net451 (sorry)
mainly new project format
Jun 30 2018 16:36
Okay, I'll look into it, thank you.
Juan Blanco
Jun 30 2018 16:38
@efootstep there is an issue already for this Nethereum/Nethereum#295 but i dont think that it should be an issue as it works in webgl
have you included the link.xml file?
Jun 30 2018 17:48
@juanfranblanco ,
sorry to interrupt you again, but is it possible to override Newtonsoft.Json version for every project in the solution, similarly to how it is done in net35.props?
Because I'd like to compile every project with the version that works well under 4.5 runtime in Unity and on every platform (including iOS), just for testing purposes.
So should I create a similar property file for 451 configuration, or manually replace nuget references with a dll?
Juan Blanco
Jun 30 2018 20:12
@dimonkov to comply with ios aot only the features required are used
what exactly is your problem
Juan Blanco
Jun 30 2018 20:18
for the unity people here is some pre-release (well you can use it if you want)
sample of the Query requests, transactionsigning (including deployment and contract sending) and receipt polling
all using messages for simple encoding / decoding
Jun 30 2018 21:39

@juanfranblanco ,
well I'm trying to achive async/await method of making requests via web3 that will work on every platform (including iOS).

For that, I need two things:
1).net 4.5 runtime enabled (which has issues with PropertyInfo.GetValue on AOT platforms, and thus makes most of the implementations of Newtonsoft.Json unusable).
2)An implementation of Newtonsoft.Json that will work under 4.5 and AOT.
3)Nethereum libraries referencing this patched version of Newtonsoft.Json.

So I manage to get my hands on the experimental patched version of Newtonsoft.Json that will work under 4.5 on iOS from one guy at the Unity forum,
now I'm trying to reference that version in all nethereum projects.