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Jul 2018
Raif Bajric
Jul 02 2018 12:03
Hello everyone
@juanfranblanco I see you're working on web socket support, how is that progressing, is there an example of subscribing to an event/filter?
Juan Blanco
Jul 02 2018 14:43
the websockets support at the moment is the same as rpc
geth subscriptions is not implemented yet
Tomas Tichy
Jul 02 2018 15:10
Hi @juanfranblanco, I am wondering about type checking for function parameters - this trips me up often. I change something in my code, pass some junk in the params object[] array and it takes me a while to figure out what went wrong. It would be super nice (and maybe it already exists) that I get an exception that says something like "Hey, third argument is supposed to be a string, but you are passing a strange object"
Juan Blanco
Jul 02 2018 15:11
hi @ttichy yes this is why the move to CQS and the messages being generated for you
to avoid these problems, but also self containing all the information needed of the function
this is an example for a very complex constructor
also with the new solidityV2 and the support of structs
and very complex types it makes more sense just to keep everything like that
^^ that is the example
Tomas Tichy
Jul 02 2018 16:43
Thanks @juanfranblanco . Is code-gen the main idea behind CQS for Nethereum? Or are there other gems hiding behind the Command-Query-Separation concept?
Juan Blanco
Jul 02 2018 16:47
oh no the cqs is not just for simply code generation
Jul 02 2018 21:35
hey @juanfranblanco are the unity dlls fixed yet? :)