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Jul 2018
Juan Blanco
Jul 03 2018 04:39
@tmyngu11 you can check the latest release
I have not had any issues as you have described
check this new sample
@ttichy sorry I was multitasking and forgot to answer
Yes, by using the separation of responsibilities and plain messages you can do many things:
  • Decouple validation or any preprocessing
  • Logging is also a valid one
  • The obvious decoupling of read only and transaction handling
The UI "wallet" will only access the secure storage for a contract message transaction (there is no need to build one). You can attach logging, validation, etc
  • Muliple queries at once
This is experimental currently but it will be release in the future (when solidity allows for it :)
  • In similar way multiple transactions at one
These is achieved by having all the function information in the object, hence making them portable
The separation of these concerns also allow you to have reusable / tested end points (ie just the function side)
  • Replace single signature with mutlisignature interfaces
Finally when v2 you have structs so having complex data objects is easier with types
Schalk Dormehl
Jul 03 2018 08:49
Hey guys, thanks on the outset for bringing Ethereum to .Net!
I'm having some trouble deploying the MetaCoin.sol contract from the Truffle examples.
I'm getting an OutOfGas exception on deployment, even when providing max gas.
I now see I also get an out of gas when I try to estimate the gas
How do I work around this?
Juan Blanco
Jul 03 2018 14:37
@sjalq that is very strange, where are you deploying?
Jul 03 2018 14:49
@juanfranblanco when i try running unity it still crashes
Juan Blanco
Jul 03 2018 14:51
is that the same code as your gist using a service?
mainly i will use that for testing
Jul 03 2018 14:55
Tried it without the service too and it crashes
it crashes on Contract contract = new Contract(null, ABI, contractAddress);
Juan Blanco
Jul 03 2018 19:14
thanks !!
ill use that
Juan Blanco
Jul 03 2018 19:28
@tmyngu11 working here
have you replaced all the dlls?
Jul 03 2018 22:11
@juanfranblanco yep, I replaced them. when I comment out the contract line, the editor doesn't crash but when I dont it crashes without any messages.
Let me try on a fresh project
Jul 03 2018 22:19
it still crashes on an empty project.. I'm using unity 2017.3.1f1 I will try updating and see if it helps
Jul 03 2018 23:23
I think that did the trick! when using unity 2018.1.6f1 it worked fine on a blank project. I'll test more with my actual project and lyk
@juanfranblanco thanks again