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Jul 2018
Jul 12 2018 03:45
@juanfranblanco Hey Juan.. Dont want to take much of your time, but can you think of any reasons off the top of your head that my ASP.NET applications freezes when i initialize a new web3 variable..
Jul 12 2018 04:18
@juanfranblanco Ignore this.. ive encountered this before, just wasnt given the stack trace with ASP.NET core. If there is place to put issues/fixes. You need to add common.logging.core to use nethereum with .net core
Jul 12 2018 07:40

@shessenauer - Hey Sam. Had been using Nethereum on both full nodes and Infura, everything works great so far. Just be aware that ManagedAccounts aren't supported over Infura (only local nodes).

As for Nethereum with unity, this perhaps?

Support was announced since last year:

Jul 12 2018 08:03
@EstebanGameDevelopment the fastest way to do is using etherscan API, ex:
Esteban Gallardo
Jul 12 2018 08:10
Yes, thanks a lot for the help @ChinhPLQ @EnigmaticUnreal_twitter I'm just working on it right now. If I'm lucky I'll finish this project this week.
Juan Blanco
Jul 12 2018 08:19
@Sam yes you can use infura, or the etherwallet api. Yes it supports unity
@Cdpopham thanks and yes we need something like that
which can be edited by anyone
quickly :)
let me add a wiki to Nethereum page
Juan Blanco
Jul 12 2018 08:26
@shessenauer just realised that @EnigmaticUnreal_twitter has answered already
@Cdpopham I will put an issue as I could create a different reference specific to .netcore
Jul 12 2018 09:15
@juanfranblanco Cool
Zeshan Virk
Jul 12 2018 12:32

i've a question about ETH Blockchain synchronization on GETH, there is a method to check the sych status of node
which is returning

"CurrentBlock": 5950649,
"HighestBlock": 5950723,
"StartingBlock": 5919329,
"Syncing": true

when the CurrentBlock & HighestBlock becomes equal then the node will be fully synced?

Jul 12 2018 17:35
Hi, I've a question. I follow the SignOfflineTransactionTest.cs from the below link
But I can't reach the FunctionMessage at Nethereum.Web3 version 2.5.1
May I ask which version should install?
Juan Blanco
Jul 12 2018 17:36
@zeshanvirk yes
@WizTonE that is the from the new Nethereum version
you can use the CI packages (but at your own risk) from MyGet
Although if you are going to sign and send a transaction offline
you just need to use an Account object with your private key as per..
var web3 = new Web3(new Account("privateKey"));
Jul 12 2018 17:46
Thank you @EstebanGameDevelopment & @juanfranblanco
Jul 12 2018 19:17
@EnigmaticUnreal_twitter Does this mean there is no private key handling and that if I want to send a transaction to ropsten or mainnet I will need to run a node locally? I use HD Wallet provider a lot with ethers.js for my dapps
Juan Blanco
Jul 12 2018 19:17
No you don't
there is private key handling
see this document