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Jul 2018
Esteban Gallardo
Jul 14 2018 21:13
After trying to make an straight transaction with Unity I had to give up since I wasn't able to manage to make it work. I'll put my project in standby until the update where the straight transaction is possible. Still I was able to use the contracts to store some information about signed documents. If anyone is curious about the project you can find it here. Have a nice weekend!!
Jul 14 2018 23:28
How does creating a new Contract work in Nethereum when you don't have the abi to provide? I see the other constructors expect Type or Type[] contractMessageType(s) but what is that exactly? Currently I have been using "new Contract(EthApiService eth, string abi, string contractAddress)" because I have been able to get the abi for most ERC20 tokens via a simple api call to etherscan. However, some tokens do not have their contract code verified on etherscan, so I am unable to get the abi. How would I make use of the other Contract constructors, such as "new Contract(EthApiService eth, Type contractMessageType, string contractAddress)"? I have been unable to find examples for how this works, but it would be great if it did as it would solve my problem of having no abi on occasions.