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Jul 2018
Juan Blanco
Jul 16 2018 13:57
@bong_tung_twitter try this
or any of the workbooks
or the docs
if you look at the videos even if a bit old (so bare in mind some new ways to do things) you will get a good introduction
regarding parity
in windows do "jsonrpc.ipc"
George T.
Jul 16 2018 16:45
@juanfranblanco Hello, master :) Could you please help me with other shit, exception kind of "gas required exceeds allowance or always failing transaction"
This is again my problem or contract invalid code problem and etc... ?
Juan Blanco
Jul 16 2018 17:00
yes it seems that your contract is failing somewhere hence that error
i assume when estimating
George T.
Jul 16 2018 17:10
So, this is contract error, not miscoding?
Maybe ABI, or smth?
I don't have access to this contract old source code, only has . ABI
Truong Dang Nghia
Jul 16 2018 19:13
@juanfranblanco hi, i want to tranfer ether from one account to multiple accounts at same time, i have used fiddler to captures all traffic from metamask and my tools using Nethereum lib, i saw the difference from there ways, with metamask next request the id increased one unit, with Nethereum the id not be increased. my question is how to increase the id in eth_sendRawtransaction request?
Andrei Kudrytski
Jul 16 2018 21:07

Hello guys, I am pretty new to this project and community , however @juanfranblanco I believe I have found an issue. It is about events filtering, particularly Event.GetAllChanges with at least one Topic (apart from event signature) resulting in “Invalid filter input for current event, use CreateFilterInput” error. The problem is in EventTopicBuilder, that is actually building not an array for the Topics, but rather an array of arrays, which results in exception being thrown, moreover in invalid Topics array structure for EthGetLogs. (Honestly speaking I can not understand why CreateFilterInput takes array of objects for every Topic as parameter in first place). 

So to resolve the issue ( at least as proof of concept, probably this could be resolved in a proper way according to project structure) I made EventTopicBuilder.GetTopics take only one object from GetValueTopic result with index 0. That resulted in properly structured Topics for EthGetLogs, that passed the “validation” in GetAllChanges method and resulted in properly filtered events returned.

And I was wondering if this could be considered a critical issue and could be resolved in nearest future OR I believe I can submit a proper pull request with some input about project structure.

One more question to the community, is more as a feature request, are you planning to add support for anonymous events? ( Actually got POC for this feature as well)