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Jul 2018
Juan Blanco
Jul 20 2018 12:01
Unity3d and Netherum have a new simple EtherTransfer
Anthony Leong
Jul 20 2018 12:27
await web3.Personal.UnlockAccount.SendRequestAsync(XXX_ACCOUNT, "passsword", ulong.Parse("120"));
is this working for you guys
Michael Ilchuk
Jul 20 2018 12:40

I want create hd wallet and multi sig adresses.

1) As far as i understand for Hd wallet NEthereum using NBitcoin lib.
2) From mnemonic I can get new addresses (adresses and private key)

How I can get master Public and master Private key ?
Public master for generating adresses and Private master for Derive private key.

I want generate 3 different key and create multi sig address . What ways can this be done? Only creating smart contract for everyone user?

Juan Blanco
Jul 20 2018 13:44
have you got "personal" enabled @acidfreako
@Ilchuk-Mihail your master key is your first seed
Anthony Leong
Jul 20 2018 13:45
parity --chain ropsten --unsafe-expose --unlock "0x00c0xxx15cxxxxx" --password password.file
should be no problem?
since it is unsafe-expose...
Michael Ilchuk
Jul 20 2018 13:52

@juanfranblanco Master private oor master public ?

how to init wallet with private key?
init from public master key?

Anthony Leong
Jul 20 2018 14:01
var result=await web3.Personal.UnlockAccount.SendRequestAsync(XXX_ACCOUNT, "password", (ulong?)10);
Invalid params: invalid type: integer 10, expected a 0x-prefixed, hex-encoded number of length 32.
Eleonora Muller
Jul 20 2018 14:36
Hi, I have another question: I initially downloaded Nethereum.Unity a few weeks ago but now saw that there is Nethereum.2.5.1. When I try to add to Unity it gives me loads of errors in terms of how: expression bodied members' cannot be used because it is not part of the c# 4.0 language specification.
I was trying to run the EtherTransfer code and also the Token one and looks like I have quite a few dependencies which come from nethereum 2.5.1. Is there a way that I can still use nethereum without having to modify the code for it to be compatible witht the c# 4.0 language?