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Jul 2018
Jul 27 2018 03:01
How does creating a new Contract work in Nethereum when you don't have the abi to provide? I see the other constructors expect Type or Type[] contractMessageType(s) but what is that exactly? Currently I have been using "new Contract(EthApiService eth, string abi, string contractAddress)" because I have been able to get the abi for most ERC20 tokens via a simple api call to etherscan. However, some tokens do not have their contract code verified on etherscan, so I am unable to get the abi. How would I make use of the other Contract constructors, such as "new Contract(EthApiService eth, Type contractMessageType, string contractAddress)"? I have been unable to find examples for how this works, but it would be great if it did as it would solve my problem of having no abi on certain occasions.
Juan Blanco
Jul 27 2018 07:19
@ThatSlyGuy to work with contracts you need the abi
the abi provides you the api for the contracts, types of parameters, etc
other constructors
are the ones used by the contract handler
so when you pass a type, the contract definition is embedded on the type
check the contracthandlers
that way you don't need to know the whole abi and are just concerned on the method you are calling
for example Transfer in an Erc20 smart contract
but you still have some information of the abi
which is the FunctionName, and parameters
@p0isoNz_twitter that subscription is the Eth standard
so it refers only to contract addresses
Juan Blanco
Jul 27 2018 07:46
that is a sample
Michael Ilchuk
Jul 27 2018 07:48
@juanfranblanco Please explain about automatic transfer
Jul 27 2018 09:49
that is probably a similar approach to the one i used. I cloned one of the (currently popular) ethereum-ponzi-smart-contracts(proof-of-weak-hands) and change the parameters a little.
Jul 27 2018 10:00
How to improve block synchronization speed
Juan Blanco
Jul 27 2018 10:25
@25yuanzijian geth.exe --fast cache=2048
depends on your memory
if you have not used --fast before it will restart
Jul 27 2018 12:26
Where do I get my private key
User password?
Jul 27 2018 15:24
@juanfranblanco Great! Just tested this and it works really well, thanks again.
Jul 27 2018 19:29

Hello there!
I am currently trying out the nethereum. Works very well :D
Only have one thing which I dont get to running.
How can i handle multible output arguments from a contract function?

for example when i call getInfo() -> [uint256, uint256]
I always get only the first argment back. I tried with : FunctionOutputHelpers.RoundInfoArgs sdf = func.CallAsync<FunctionOutputHelpers.RoundInfoArgs>().Result;
In the class I have all arguments listed as I saw in an example
but he always think its only one int... : NotSupportedException: BlockchainListener.FunctionOutputHelpers+RoundInfoArgs is not a supported decoding type for IntType

Jul 27 2018 23:37
I am getting a million errors when I import Nethereum to Unity