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Aug 2018
Juan Blanco
Aug 12 2018 08:24
@knocte i pmed you back :D
@rickzan_twitter what do you need? a backend?
(needs upgrading to the latest)
also you have
as a sample
and the workbooks here
and you can also code generate your api
Juan Blanco
Aug 12 2018 08:32
Riccardo Zanussi
Aug 12 2018 11:55
I can write a be but i need a fe (simple no react no vue) and the way to connect it with the be. I understand that back is a class woth async method but i dont know how yo connect a fe en JavaScript with the methos that are call to smart contact methods
i dont want to much complication. I ahve two days to make everything habing the contract already done tested and deployed on rinkeby. I need to make C# methos for every methods in the contract. and make a fe calls to this methods. the logic i can built in fe. nedd to make it as simple as possible.
no MVC, no helpers, no nothing.
and i ahve to deply everyhting on azure (Ithink) to make it public, the BE and the FE
Riccardo Zanussi
Aug 12 2018 12:02
one of the thing i dont know how to do it, is calling the C# methods from the JavaScript front end in a sequence. tried to make with node )all JavaScript and web3) but the sequence is all wrong. I need to control the sequence becasue some methods have to be called only when i have the result of other methodsç
Aug 12 2018 16:20

I am unclear of the requirements by Consensys, but is it possible to just use Web3js with web3 injected by Metamask, then communicate directly with Ropsten/Rinkeby? Or Infura?

This is a simple example, hope this gives you an idea:

Trivia: I failed the entrance test. :)
Aug 12 2018 18:27
@juanfranblanco Is there a way to get a contract functions return variables? When sending a transaction - not a call?