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Aug 2018
Aug 20 2018 02:48

Ah, the gasestimation doesn't work, had to fill in gas limit and gasprice

Interesting. This is how I usually do EstimateGasAsync (but I am using Eth. Perhaps just something minor on the code. Glad that you've gotten yourself this far!

Dim gas As HexBigInteger = Await iweb3.Eth.DeployContract.EstimateGasAsync(abi, bytecode, account.Address, 1234)
Aug 20 2018 11:16
How do I construct everything to call startAuctionsAndBid - is there any example?
I'd like to register a new domain, so for Ropsten I guess it's not the ENS but the Registrar contract at 0xc19fD9004B5c9789391679de6d766b981DB94610
But where do I put the bid and the Ether to be sent?
Sergio Piedrahita
Aug 20 2018 17:56
@juanfranblanco so i am currently setting the gas price and the gas limit through geth, i set the gas limit to 8000029 and the gas price to 3000000000. then on the c# code i do the following too: web3.TransactionManager.DefaultGasPrice = BigInteger.Parse("3000000000"); web3.TransactionManager.DefaultGas = BigInteger.Parse("8000029");
then when i do web3.Eth.GasPrice.SendRequestAsync(); I get 100000000000 back as the gas price. Is there another way to set the gas price through nethereum?
Aug 20 2018 22:26
@juanfranblanco Hey juan - Is there a way to use sendtransactionasync() to call a function and get a contract fucntions return value