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Aug 2018
Aug 23 2018 03:28
Ah. I'm out and about at the moment. Might have some time to do some testing a bit later.
Schalk Dormehl
Aug 23 2018 06:37


Is there any more "stateless" means of using Nethereum?

@sjalq - You could sign the transactions as though signing it offline. I did something like this for transactions, but could be extended to contract calls as well:

Dim encodedString = Web3.OfflineTransactionSigner.SignTransaction(privKey.Trim, receiverAddress, transferTotal, txCount.Value, gasPrice, gas)

I could cook up an example in VB doing this, but I need to get to the airport in a few hours and I haven't packed yet! Heh.

Wow, thanks man, that would be awesome.

The issue I'm struggling with is that I have a bunch of tests against contracts that assumed I could just execute calls against them using one W3 object, but it appears I need to make a unique Web3 object for each call from a different location.

So my issue goes beyond just sending Eth though.
Aug 23 2018 20:29
@EnigmaticUnreal_twitter any updates