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Sep 2018
Sep 05 2018 04:04
If I want to track the transactions sent to an address, do I have to consume all the ethereum blocks and look for my address? Is there an example that I can look at?
Juan Blanco
Sep 05 2018 05:37
@MrMonotone check the blockchainStorage
project or you can use parity trace_filter
Kevin Small
Sep 05 2018 11:02
Interesting news: Google have added Ethereum data to their BigQuery capabilities:
Juan Blanco
Sep 05 2018 11:04
Yes I saw that :)
@Dave-Whiffin one of the things we could do for Blockchain Storage is to also output to csv as per the ETL they use, that will be a very simple provider
Dave Whiffin
Sep 05 2018 11:13
@juanfranblanco - good idea
Michael Ilchuk
Sep 05 2018 17:08
How I can convert seed or master private key to mnemonic words ?
Or get mnemonic words from private key? Is it possible ?
Juan Blanco
Sep 05 2018 17:49
No it is not possible
Sep 05 2018 19:47
How can i get version 3 as a dll?
Nuget obly has 2.51
Sep 05 2018 21:42
Hmm. Doesn't sound right. You should be able to get it in 3.0.0rc-1
Otherwise you could check too.
Armaan B
Sep 05 2018 23:14
Is there anyway built in function to get a public key from inputting a private key?
If not, how would i go about doing that? i'm using Unity