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Sep 2018
Sep 06 2018 03:53

@ArmaanVB_twitter - Once you've initialised your account with EthECKey, you should have access to functions like GetPubKey or GetPubKeyNoPrefix.

Something like:

        Dim privateKey As New Nethereum.Signer.EthECKey("<enterprivatekey>")
        Dim pubKey = privateKey.GetPubKey.ToHex
Juan Blanco
Sep 06 2018 06:03
@Cdpopham you need to tick the box pre release
Sep 06 2018 06:16
Totally forgotten the existence of this checkbox myself! @juanfranblanco
Sep 06 2018 15:04
@juanfranblanco hey Juan
I'd like to ask how we use typed Event<T>
it's just T gets replaced with corresponding event DTO?
Sep 06 2018 15:53
I'm still working on code generation
looks pretty promising
the main benefit is that it works on top of default msbuild process so you get code generation on win/mac/linux and CI servrrs
Omer Algur
Sep 06 2018 21:12
As to expand on Armaan's question on generating public key from private key, I do not think we initialize an account. We input a contract address and use its functions to read data. For verification purposes, we want to use private key to check if it matches with their public key. What is Dim? What is the namespace?