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Sep 2018
Sep 07 2018 11:19

@TheAlgur_twitter - If you need to verify if someone has custody over an address, then require the user to(pre) sign a message of your choice, then run ecrecover to see if it matches with the sender. If they can, then they definitely have custody of the private key.

Maybe you can explain a bit more about what you are doing, as I still find it a little vague.

The code mockup above was done in :)

Tang Hoang
Sep 07 2018 11:47
I ran geth console in Testchain of Nethereum and when i type miner.start(), it return null. Can anyone help me??
Juan Blanco
Sep 07 2018 13:42
@Pzixel cool !!
Yes the event type is the Dto
Sep 07 2018 13:44
So I could refactor it to make it more strongly typed
Great :)