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Sep 2018
Sep 12 2018 08:53
Has anyone tried compiling the portable solution from source code on github lately? It appears to be referencing a file which doesn't exist - ....\src\Nethereum.RPC\Eth\Blocks\EthGetBlockByNumber.cs
Juan Blanco
Sep 12 2018 09:21
@AndyKerrison portable gets only updated when we release..
you mainly autogenerate the link files
@voteopolis_twitter have you tried to generate your api using the code generator?
Sep 12 2018 10:01
@juanfranblanco hello,how can I query the account’s lock status?If use "web3.Personal.UnlockAccount.SendRequestAsync" ,how can I get the passPhrase params?
Juan Blanco
Sep 12 2018 10:02
when you "unlock" an account you are mainly decrypting the keystorage file and caching the private key for a set of time
passPhrase params I assume you refer to hd wallets (like metamask) are not part of this
reversing that comment..
when you create an account with a password, your password is used to encrypt the private key (random generated) in the client (geth / parity)
Sep 12 2018 10:23
If I want to unlock a account ,I must have the account's keystore and password?Can I use the privateKey to unlock the account?
Juan Blanco
Sep 12 2018 10:32
if you have the private key, you can sign using the private key so there is no need to unlock anything
the above might help ^^
Sep 12 2018 10:43
@juanfranblanco than you very much!
Captain Paul
Sep 12 2018 11:49
@juanfranblanco Do you mean generate a c# api from solidity contracts in visual studio code - with Nethereum extensions? no. I will try it. however, is there any heads up on the error messages: "Number can only safely store up to 53 bits" and "The field to must have byte length of 20" cheers
Manuel Rauber
Sep 12 2018 11:56
Howdy! I'm current trying to figure out how to use the Code generated by Netherum.Generator.Console. Is there any sample out there? I'm currently not able to find one. I've the generated code and an connection to my parity test network. Do I just call serviceNameService.MyFunctionRequestAndWaitForReceiptAsync()? What about signing the request?
Juan Blanco
Sep 12 2018 14:49
@voteopolis_twitter better really to use the code gen stuff to get started, most probably will that solve all your encoding / decoding problems. If you are not using "typed commands, queries" overloads end up being confused if not passed correctly. Hence emphasis on the typed stuff to avoid mistakes, as it is visible what you are doing. On GetVotes you will need a function output as you are having multiple output parameters
@ManuelRauber you instantiate Web3 with an Account("privateKey") to sign offline
or a ManagedAccount("password") to do a personal_sendTransaction
also you can use as above the vscode one.. (code generator). It is the same one
Sep 12 2018 15:47
hello all
how to determine incomming transaction of wallet address?
Sergio Piedrahita
Sep 12 2018 23:47
@juanfranblanco is there a way to check that a transaction was not mined in an uncle block?
What I want to do is the following, check that a transaction was not mined into an uncle block, if not, then get the block number where it was mined and then use that block number to calculate confirmations