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Sep 2018
Juan Blanco
Sep 23 2018 05:25 UTC
Have you got any ether?
This mainly says that there is not enough ether based on your intent on the transaction. Gas and value
Sep 23 2018 05:37 UTC
i have enough ether
if i generate the transaction on and i pass all the parameter as Hexdecimal, it will work fine
var offlineTransaction = Web3.OfflineTransactionSigner.SignTransaction(wallet.privateKey, to, 0x3e351455227400,0x00,0x098bca5a00,0x5208,"0x");
if (!Web3.OfflineTransactionSigner.VerifyTransaction(offlineTransaction))
throw new InvalidOperationException("Oops! Failed to create a valid offline transaction.");
Sep 23 2018 08:19 UTC
Eth address is a part of public key so we can not use address to encrypt message? Did Nethereum provide a way to encrypt information with a public key?
I hope that the information I post can only be decrypted by someone with the specified private key.
Code generation using console application lists the wrong parameters.
Sep 23 2018 18:02 UTC
hey guys does anyone know how i can get my smart contract security audited
Sep 23 2018 19:13 UTC
Hello frinds , can youarea help me
i need start in Ethereum in .net
Any example?
Sep 23 2018 20:03 UTC
@JonathanFloresPacheco download the source code, and open the solution in the visual studio, check the test cases