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Oct 2018
Sergio Piedrahita
Oct 08 2018 15:22
@juanfranblanco I got around this issue by trying again to send the transaction inside the catch block. This exception seems to happen rarely and the second try at sending the transaction is sufficient so far . I am going to give you some context of what we are doing: we are setting a bunch of threads that send the transactions from one node, all this node is doing is syncing with the chain, and sending transactions, we modified the target gas limit on all nodes to a number very high so we could put a bunch of transactions per block. While sending hundreds/thousands of transactions the code threw the exception related to sending rpc requests(The inner exception message was related to the rpc request connection/request getting dropped). Catching the exception and trying to send the transaction only once to send it again solves the problem. After further research it seems that the exception is caused by a bug in the Http implementation on .net framework
@juanfranblanco anyways, wanted to thank you and the people involved in nethereum, your work has saved lots of development time on our team
Juan Blanco
Oct 08 2018 15:49
@spied001 thanks for that
I tried to "solve" these issues by having in memory the httpclient but also cycle it every 60 seconds (top of my head) for dns changes
that is great feedback :)
I could put the workaround part of the rpc client