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Oct 2018
Kevin Small
Oct 26 2018 08:43 UTC
If anyone’s going to devcon4 next week, dm me it would be good to meet up and say hi
Oct 26 2018 17:47 UTC

hi, i'm trying to stress test a private chain PoA parity node. I'm signing my txns offline and all (they're contract transactions actually, like Transfer, etc), and then just call


and this works for a spam of about 2k transactions. Above that, I get 20s rpctimeout exceptions and when I try to reconnect on an exception, it effectively fails - other calls to that SendRawTransaction functions fail as well (rpc timeout). Could this be a problem within Nethereum, or is this a Parity issue? Btw, I'm runing my parity node within docker and the requests come from the host machine.