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Oct 2018
Oct 30 2018 07:20
geth version is 1.8.12, @Enigmatic
DB Lee
Oct 30 2018 08:53
Does anybody tried to invoke EVM on Hyper ledger Fabric with Nethereum?
Oct 30 2018 09:32

@rsantirso - I guess the chain was started before Byzantium was made available? In any case, there should be a config in the genesis json file which you could include to start Byzantium.

This might help:

It covers both the case of starting a new chain, or updating an existing chain to be byzantium compatible.
Oct 30 2018 11:02
Thanks! It seems my node has byzantium not configured. I'll try one of the solutions from the linked thread.
Matt Y.
Oct 30 2018 22:34
Hi - the website link on the "Nethereum" GitHub profile at seems to be broken. It points to which doesn't resolve. Maybe that link should be changed to "" which seems to resolve?