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Nov 2018
Nov 14 2018 06:51
Thanks for help.
I tried that code but I am getting 0 in pending transactions. There are 500 transactions in pending state
There are 2 types of pending transactions.
  1. Pending transactions in current block getting generated
  2. Pending transactions in pool
    I am able to retrieve 1st transactions but not from transaction pool
Nov 14 2018 07:10
Pending transactions issue is resolved. I was hard coded difficulty to 1, which was causing issue.
Juan Blanco
Nov 14 2018 08:22
@vinayakmali84 you can use one these
they are preconfigured, clique / poa which is a fast consensus not PoW
Nov 14 2018 08:34

@vinayakmali84 - Thanks for updating us and glad it's sorted.

Yea eth_newpendingtransactionfilter sets a filter which listens for new pending transactions. For existing ones I guess we will need to look into txpool; I believe with that we would be using an rpcrequest via Nethereum.

Would play with that one I am done with setting up some sample code for ABIEncoderV2 with Visual Basic :D
Sergio Piedrahita
Nov 14 2018 21:54
@juanfranblanco I am running into the following issue, I am sending transactions from two nodes in parallel in a private network, let's say I am sending 60 from one node and 60 from the other one, I have two other nodes just mining, on geth console I am able to see the transactions being sent but not all are mined(sometimes 115, some other 117 but never the total amount of transactions sent) and since I am sending the transaction and waiting for receipt the code just waits and waits. I also checked the txpool in geth and is empty, so basically some of the transactions disappear. Have you or anyone ran into a similar issue before?