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Dec 2018
Juan Blanco
Dec 15 2018 06:03 UTC
wow I cannot see it, that looks correct to me
Dec 15 2018 08:37 UTC
@juanfranblanco i having timeout problem
i tested using ganache
it successful connected
but when comes to private blockchain i also dont know what is the problem
try using different network also same problem meet
Juan Blanco
Dec 15 2018 09:16 UTC
firewall issues
only thing I can think of
if you have open it and use the you should not have any problems connecting
William Adomako
Dec 15 2018 09:44 UTC
I did open it with (--rpcaddr I am still looking into it
Dec 15 2018 12:30 UTC
@juanfranblanco closed all firewall too haha
anyone experienced this problem can tell me??