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Dec 2018
Dec 20 2018 03:59
@juanfranblanco can you please help me with this…???
Juan Blanco
Dec 20 2018 04:55
@mosinms7711 I need a sample of what are you doing, the inner trace also to analyse it
Dec 20 2018 08:04
Hi, using Nethereum, can we create a smart contract as part of raw transaction?
Juan Blanco
Dec 20 2018 08:58
What do you mean
Dec 20 2018 09:00
I am creating multiple contracts at a time and it is failing by "replacement transaction underpriced"
I want to create a smart contract, by sending a raw transaction to the geth, in this way I can give the correct nonce to the transaction, so that it will not fail
Dec 20 2018 09:19
@juanfranblanco , hope I am clear, I am not able to find a procedure to deploy a contract using raw transaction. I have verified "Task<string> SignTransactionAsync(TContractDeploymentMessage contractDeploymentMessage);". I see we are not providing the nonce here manually, which means it is not signed offline and so in may case it wouldn't work
Juan Blanco
Dec 20 2018 10:38
You know that when you create web3 using your account and private key already your transaction is using a raw transaction?
If you want to set the nonce you can provide it in your deployment message
Dec 20 2018 10:40
@juanfranblanco , yeah, I totally missed it and now I got the code to provide the nonce in deployment message. Thanks for the response and correcting me on my concept.
Juan Blanco
Dec 20 2018 10:52
No bother :)
Online Certification Token
Dec 20 2018 12:09
is there any way to parse Logs property from GetTransactionReceipt?
Juan Blanco
Dec 20 2018 12:18
There is a extension method to Decode them to your Event
Dec 20 2018 13:20

Hi, I am facing the issue of " gas required exceeds allowance or always failing transaction" when trying to access a function of a contract in Quorum chain. I have tested it with Ethereum chain and it has no issue. Below is the code

           var setMailIdsHandler = web3.Eth.GetContractTransactionHandler<SetMailIdsFunction>();
            var setMailIds = new SetMailIdsFunction();
            setMailIds.GasPrice = 0;
            var txCount1 = await web3.Eth.Transactions.GetTransactionCount.SendRequestAsync(acct.Address, blk);
            setMailIds.Nonce = txCount1;
            var setMailIdsReceipt = await setMailIdsHandler.SendRequestAndWaitForReceiptAsync(receipt.ContractAddress, setMailIds);

My FunctionMessage as below

public partial class SetMailIdsFunction : SetMailIdsFunctionBase { }

public class SetMailIdsFunctionBase : FunctionMessage


As in above code, I have also set the gasPrice to 0 as Quorum needs the gas price to be 0
Could not get where I am going wrong, could someone help me here

Juan Blanco
Dec 20 2018 18:45
Are you using a managedaccount?
Dec 20 2018 19:32
Nethereum doesn't support batch requests yet, right? It seems I have to call an RPC for each blockhash out of a total of 1000
Oh nvm, web3.js batch requests also just serialize multiple calls. I was under the assumption there'd be an optimized single call RPC
Daniel Moos
Dec 20 2018 20:08

Hey @juanfranblanco . Simple questions about the dependencies; any reason Newtonsoft.Json is limited to < 12.0.0?. (v3.0.0-rc3 does not have this limitation). Because of this, I have issues installing another package which requires >= 12.0.1 of Newtonsoft.
(refering to Nethereum.Util v3.0.0).

Thanks! :)

(side-question; would it be safe to install rc3 instead or are there any major issues)