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Dec 2018
Dec 26 2018 11:15
Alright so I found one mistake - I still used the Auction Contract Address for the RegistryService, now my init for ENSRegistryService gets the parameter of the FIFS Contract Address which is
on main this would be 0x314159265dD8dbb310642f98f50C066173C1259b
on ropsten this should be 0x112234455c3a32fd11230c42e7bccd4a84e02010
unfortunately both contracts codes are not visible on etherscan, so I don't know if the SetResolver function even exists in one of these
Now, instead of the gas exceeding or always failing error, I get my favourite RPC error "The execution failed due to an exception."
Dec 26 2018 11:24
Phew, I found the other mistake. Used the GetLabelHash instead of GetNameHash and now it goes through
And now it goes through
So happy to greet @juanfranblanco back from XMas with a solved case rather than a confused question
Dec 26 2018 13:12
@fruor - thanks for sharing - I have not played with the ENS bits from Nethereum yet, but your comments will help my adventure. :)