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Jan 2019
Jan 15 02:46
Hi @juanfranblanco
I'm trying on your netherium flappy tutorial. And I'm having trouble after webgl build.
"http://localhost:50217/Build/webglmeta3.json 404 (Not Found)"
this error comes out at developer console.
I think it is because I dont have web3 in my project but i don't know where to put it.
Can you give me any advice please?
Jan 15 06:03
That was dumb question.... I figured it out ...
Juan Blanco
Jan 15 07:54
great !! :)
Jan 15 08:13
Exception: Invalid value for type 'Nethereum.ABI.Encoders.IntTypeEncoder': System.Byte[] (System.Byte[])
I'm getting this error. from
return function.CreateTransactionInput (addressFrom, gas, valueAmount, score, ethEcdsa.V, ethEcdsa.R, ethEcdsa.S);
from Flappy tutorial ScorecontractService.cs
can you help me?
Kevin Small
Jan 15 10:41
@dizzymon2 I'm guessing here, but can you check that you're sending sensible-looking V, R and S values?