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Jan 2019
Jan 25 00:00 UTC

Hi! I am doing my Hons project and I am building an App that generates graphs from the interactions of the smart contracts with the users.

I wanted to obtain information about the addresses/users that interactions with a smart contract. I can see it in (for example) but I don't know how to get that information with Nethereum.

I tried with web3.Eth.Blocks.GetBlockWithTransactionsByNumber.SendRequestAsync and it give me a block with an Array of Transactions, however, they are only between users, there is no smart contracts interaction there. Anyone have some idea how can I do it? Thanks!

that is what I was referring to, that stores and indexes more information that the current chain provides
Jan 25 13:31 UTC
Thanks Juan! Do you know what is the name of the NuGey package I must install? I did not find anything like "Nethereum.BlockchainStorage"
Dave Whiffin
Jan 25 14:00 UTC
@Dwagga Hi -it's not on nuget at the moment - it's git repo that you can clone OR you can use one of our CI (pre release) packages from MyGet ( However I think Juan was just suggesting you check out the code in the repo to see what's available.