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Feb 2019
Juan Blanco
Feb 06 09:42
@inuka_g_gitlab no
although in what way are asking :)
this is a good example
although in go
Inuka Gunawardana
Feb 06 22:12
Thanks @juanfranblanco
@juanfranblanco I was trying to see if there is an easy way to decode it for informational purposes, I was wondering
Inuka Gunawardana
Feb 06 22:21
One more follow up question. I created a proxy contract based on the zos upgradeable proxy. The calls work fine against my logic contract in truffle. However, when I make the call through Netherium wrapper I get a vm exception (contract works fine when I use the direct address). I simply used the logic contract wrapper with the proxy contract address... , I am assuming I need to make the call differently. Not sure how. Thanks
Feb 06 23:34
There's a way to Deserialize a SendTransaction response?