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Feb 2019
Feb 14 00:09
@juanfranblanco , I missed your reply , what should not be included ?
Juan Blanco
Feb 14 05:43
@farzad-salimijazi refresh my memory please
oh i have seen your pm, do not include System.Numerics
Feb 14 05:45
@juanfranblanco Thank you…Now i can create new account and unlock it…But if i want to recover same account with 12 word seed phrase…is there anywa
cause i searhed a lot but i didn’t find any way...
Juan Blanco
Feb 14 05:47
what you have done is generate some random words, mainly use the property Words to get the list generated
although emphasis you dont need to unlock it
Feb 14 05:48
Feb 14 06:44
Hi, I am using Nethereum code generator to deploy a contract. Earliser when I was using code generator,I got a DeployContractEstimateGas method in the contract service class. But now I do not get it. Are there any changes in Netherum code generation?
Juan Blanco
Feb 14 07:03
Estimation is done automatically for you
but that can be easily achieved by using the Deployment object to retrieve the estimate
Nevertheless create an issue so it can be added :)
Feb 14 21:55
@KevinSmall,Thank you very much. This example works !