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Feb 2019
Feb 16 09:16


that's quite possible. If the nonce is managed incorrectly transactions may end up occupying the pool forever (waiting for some future transaction). Also if you get null in the response of getTransactionReceipt it means that the transaction is nowhere to be found (neither in blockchain nor in the queue) so ti will never return anything else. I'd suggest making a safe-valve for this - if you receive null print a warning, if it's like 50th time then print an error that something went wrong.

We discuss my problem with parity guys
and this is what they say
so you probably want to rewrite TransactionReceiptPollingService.cs#L54 to replace infinite loop with limited one.
If you need more background
in a nutshell: SendTransactionAndWaitForReceiptAsync never ends in some cases because of an infinite loop
Juan Blanco
Feb 16 13:32
Hmmm so mainly if you don't receive it after some time it has not been included on the chain. There are some configuration options for the poller but best to force the timeout
Thanks. !!!!
Although yes the 50th check plus time delay of check seems fine. Also note they mentioned the issue with nonces