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Feb 2019
Juan Blanco
Feb 19 06:46
@krunalsolanki check your transaction receipt might be a failure with the contract deployment, ie status is 0 in the transaction receipt.
Juan Blanco
Feb 19 06:53
@Pzixel yes I am aware of that, it was done for simplicity and to keep with the original RPC library dependency. I was considering it for a major release, same as some namespace changes. Always trying to keep to a minimum major breaking changes. I still have to review the PR btw ;)
@sjalq you cannot get return values from transactions, you will need to make another query call. Another option is to "raise" an event to write to the log, and decode the value from the transaction receipt. Check the docs on getting started with events.
Juan Blanco
Feb 19 06:59
@jsdu the code generator was with unity3d now, although you have two options.
1 if you work with coroutines (webgl) just use the contract definitions not the services that use asynx.
  1. If you follow the async / await route and no need to use the UnityWebRequest with the latest versions you can use the services generated.
This sample shows you how to interact with the contract definitions.
Jason Du
Feb 19 07:25
Hi, I am mainly using SendTransaction from web3plugin.jslib in Flappybird example, I am wondering how to get a response back to check if the transaction is done. Is there something similar to yield return?
Feb 19 07:34


no problem. It's just a common mistake according to the doc

R# even has a quick fix "this method accept cancellation token" and generates "source.Token" which doesn't compile ;) Build tools themselves know that you pass token, not source
Kevin Small
Feb 19 10:06
@herryvu1702 var web3 = new Web3() will default to using your localhost blockchain
Amer Ahmad
Feb 19 11:45
Hi, I have the same question as @jsdu - any solutions?
Basically - the transaction hash gets generated in the callback function of SendTranscation in web3plugin.jslib - how to access that in TopScoreServices or any other function for that matter?
Kevin Small
Feb 19 14:45
@AmerAhmad1292_twitter @jsdu I do not know the answer myself, but something that looks related can be found here: look towards the end, there is a description about using web3plugin.jslib
Feb 19 15:01
@juanfranblanco hey
I have a question if nethereum handles situation where server restarts well
it seems that it couldn't connect even when server became online
I'm not sure if it's problem of nethereum, parity or even myself
My code is basically
    .WaitAndRetryForeverAsync(_ => TimeSpan.FromSeconds(Random.Value.Next(1, 10)))
    .ExecuteAsync(() => this.Web3.Eth.GetContract(Abi, Address).SendTransactionAndWaitForReceiptAsync(..params here..));
Schalk Dormehl
Feb 19 16:46
I don't know if it was implemented, but I could have sworn that I was using it, did the solidity plug in for Visual Studio code implement the "jump to definition" functionality?