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Feb 2019
Feb 22 12:23
Hey @juanfranblanco
After last update (which required Event attribute on top of the Event DTO) I can't see any events from blockchain
var eventLogs = await requestCreatedEvent.GetAllChanges<RequestCreatedEventDto>(filter); //eventLogs.Count is always 0
what's wrong?
Feb 22 13:01
Hi, guys. Is there any way to subscribe my c# code to events emitted by my contracts? I've taken a look to EthLogsObservableSubscription inside RPC.Reactive, but can't declare it in my code with Nethereum NuGet package v3.0.0 (compiler complains about IStreamingClient can not be found).
Feb 22 13:07
look at my code above
it does very this
@juanfranblanco when I do var eventLogs = await requestCreatedEvent.GetAllChangesDefault(filter); it finds events
Feb 22 13:23
IsLogForEvent returns false
Feb 22 13:28
It seems that this.sha3Signature = this.signatureEncoder.GenerateSha3Signature(this.Name, this.InputParameters); generates wrong signature
thus this check doesn't pass
    public static bool IsLogForEvent(this FilterLog log, string signature)
      if (log.Topics != null && log.Topics.Length != 0)
        string second = log.Topics[0].ToString();
        if (signature.IsTheSameHex(second))
          return true;
      return false;
I'm not sure it's an expected behaviour
Feb 22 13:55
I'm struggled becuase it seems that it's affected via Event(name)]
I have event RequestCreated in blockchain
and I used Event("RequestCreated")] attribute on event
and their signatures don't match