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Jul 2015
Jul 31 2015 01:27
The glia logo reminds me a lot of a game I play called contrejour (which has beautiful artwork/music btw)
Jul 31 2015 01:33
Oh yeah
Marion Le Borgne
Jul 31 2015 02:22
I LOVE @HuaHo logo
It's awesome. Simple. Neat. Easy to shrink into a favicon or whatnot. Good colors
I can't catch up with all the messages. Do other people like that was well?
It's awesome, congrats @HuaHo
Marion Le Borgne
Jul 31 2015 02:32
Just one detail: can we have the "infinity" sign be transparent? Like @DamienPP little hexagons? This was nice looking on the website. He we could use the same finish on that shape the @HuaHo made, that might be nice (just an idea like that) I don't know what @DamienPP used to make his
Jul 31 2015 02:53
@conorrussomanno ? What do you say?
Conor Russomanno
Jul 31 2015 20:46
I also like the simplicity of @HuaHo ’s logo
And contrejour is a kick-ass game
Agree with Marion as well about the tansparency of the <><>
I’m a fan
p.s. do we have a general channel for NeuroTechX?
I want to ask for you guys to send in measurements of heads to get ultracortexes out
Jul 31 2015 21:53
Yes the @HuaHo logo is great, simple an unique! It can be used in every support, it's very cool!