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Aug 2015
Yannick Roy
Aug 01 2015 13:16
@/all Do we start with Hua's logo ?
We wanted to launch by that clock : - 8h remaining as of 9h16 AM Saturday August 1st.
Aug 01 2015 13:33
Can we see it? It was supposed to be modified by @damien no?
Aug 01 2015 14:24
If @HuaHo sends me the image (just the logo) I can make the infinity transparent (though it will probably be less nice than if @DDamienP does it ;-) )
Aug 01 2015 14:32
I'm working on the different colors version for maximum contrast
will share that with all of you here in a few minutes
Aug 01 2015 14:56
Aug 01 2015 14:58
I still like the blue logo with the matching x on the dark grey
Aug 01 2015 14:58
so for maximum contrast here's the guidelines of how we can use the logo
so depending of the media we want to use, we can choose accordingly
say we want letterhead, then we can get the color on white background
if on the website, we use dark color background, then we have 2 choices
or on business cards 1 side may have info (black text) on white background, the other side, may have white logo on blue background
Aug 01 2015 15:12
when we want to use the logo with transparent infinity symbol on dark background, I suggest we use this version.
Aug 01 2015 16:49
Nice! Side not e
**note, should it say "neurotech'' community, or "neurotechnology" community?
Conor Russomanno
Aug 01 2015 16:50
I think just neurotech
Aug 01 2015 20:08
If you want me to do things for the translucency, or botter effect, no problem. I realy like the blue one withe the with background