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Jun 2016
Baran Skistad
Jun 27 2016 16:17
@/all Thank you for the completely -Radical- (pun intended) going away card! I really appreciate it. I have messages for everyone who wrote on the card. @Radical-from-Scratch I write that too. XD But I appreciate that you actually mean it. @herohamp You've been a great help since the start. You were the first one to join, if I remember correctly, and you have been creating greatness ever since. @RonSkons I appreciate being the "Cool Admin"! In the time I've worked with you, you have started making Newawe on mobile, which makes you the "Cool Swift Developer". XD I appreciate your help on Newawe, and hope I can work with you again. @BKFighter I've always admired you, and I find it rather extreme that you think the same about me now. In the Scratch Help with Scripts forums, you were always the best, and knew the most about Scratch. I will always admire you and your work, and your comedic personality.
Baran Skistad
Jun 27 2016 16:22
Gosh, that was long.
Jun 27 2016 16:37
XD when I got a notification I did not expect to read on essay