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Repo info
    Wim Selles
    hi ;-)
    how are you tests configured?
    In the sense?
    Wim Selles
    you have multiple e2e-files?
    Yes I've multiple e2e files
    I think @trisha_1212_twitter is facing same problem as mine
    Wim Selles

    because what should happen is the following

    Your setup:

    • test-1.e2e.ts
    • test-2.e2e.ts
    • test-3.e2e.ts

    A test in file test-1.e2e.ts and test-2.e2e.ts fail. The generate a loggin which tells that the files failed
    Protractor-flake should read that logging and see that 2 files files, he should provide them again to protractor to do the rerun

    file test-3.e2e.ts should not be ran
    the standard parser should be sufficient
    But for example if there are 5 tests in one spec file and if 1 fails, would all 5 re-run
    I've not configured parser anywhere
    Is that required?
    Wim Selles
    because you can't rerun 1 test, ir will rerun the complete file
    standard is the standard parser ;-)
    Okay then what I need to use to just re-run a single test
    Wim Selles
    the reason why you can't rerun 1 test is that you can't run 1 test in jasmine from a spec file from the command line. Only if you do that manual with fit
    Hmmm I get that now
    Wim Selles
    problem is also that you can't run 1 browser with one test / test-file from the command line based on a rerun with protractor-flake
    hope it helps giving you the correct insight in and protractor and protractor-flake
    Yeah it gives. and I've to be satisfied with what I've ;(
    @trisha_1212_twitter I think the above conversation can be helpful to you as well
    Wim Selles
    have a nice weekend, gonna do something with that weekend now ;-)
    You too, Thanks for all the help that you provided :)
    Wim Selles
    you're welcome
    Yehuda Miller
    does anyone know if the number of the rerun attempt is available inside the tests?
    Like, I want to run something like this:
    if (rerunAttempt == 3){
        // do something here
    @pittgoose I don't believe it's available in say Jasmine
    Hey Everyone, has anyone been successful in adding protractor-flake as a grunt task?
    I currently run my protractor tests via a grunt task but I can't figure out how to wrap that task in protractor-flake so enforce retries
    any hints would really help me out as I'm totally and utterly lost...
    hi all
    can anyone share me the tutorials for protractor tool
    im a newbie to this
    Andrei Bidian
    Does anybody else have issues running protractor-flake with gitlab CI ?
    even though tests fail, gitlab still considers it as passed
    I always run my tests with protractor-flacke. And yestarday my tests were run in travis ci and I saw that no one log didn't present in log. I tried to run tests locally , logs is not displayed
    My issue on github NickTomlin/protractor-flake#102
    My build in travis with successful output: https://travis-ci.com/murcraft/ProtractorGoogleTest/jobs/170056238
    My build in travis without output logs: https://travis-ci.com/murcraft/ProtractorGoogleTest/jobs/170258331
    Please, help me. I see, that there were some releases for protractor-flake
    is flake compatible with javascript implementation in protractor
    Hi, is it possible to get information about number of current run? I can't get protractor-flake to show me separate report for the first run and subsequent reruns

    Hi All, I am new to protractor - automation testing. I am following protractor website to do create few dummy tests.
    Problem statement: i don't see line number when any test case fails
    for eg:
    D:\ProtractorDeltaPOC>protractor conf.js
    [07:53:44] I/launcher - Running 1 instances of WebDriver
    [07:53:44] I/hosted - Using the selenium server at http://localhost:4444/wd/hub
    [07:53:51] I/launcher - 0 instance(s) of WebDriver still running
    [07:53:51] I/launcher - chrome #01 failed 1 test(s)
    [07:53:51] I/launcher - overall: 1 failed spec(s)
    [07:53:51] E/launcher - Process exited with error code 1

    in the above code, it says test is failed but there are no reference. Can someone help me.

    Shubhojit Bhattacharjee


    I am in a decision-making situation to either use Protractor or Selenium to create test automation framework for two apps, one is Angular-based, another is Vue JS based.

    Advantages of using Protractor:
    Comes bundles with Aungular app, no need to add exrta dependency
    Supports more element locating mechanisms by providing methods like filter() and cssContainingText()
    Supports scripting languages like Typescript and JavaScript

    Main reason for using Protractor was because prtractor had its own locator types (like ng-model, etc) in order to handle elements in ealier version of Angular apps. However after Angular 2, those locators types have become irrelevant and now protractor uses locators just like in Selenium

    I also have expert level knowledge in Selenium and Java

    What should be my parameters to select either Protractor or Selenium to create a test automation framework and automate integration test cases? Is execution faster in Protractor because it uses scripting language?

    Go for protractor but remember to use async/await else you'll be fed up with flaky tests
    Hi @NickTomlin , Is there a way to get consolidated html reports with protractor flake. As of now what is happening is that if im running 3 tests with protractor flake , setting max attempts to 2, In the first attempt, 1 tests fails - a report is produced with 3 tests out of which one is shown as failed. In the 2nd attempt, the failed one is retried and this time the report produced has only the 1 test run results.
    [8672:11116:0727/164311.438:ERROR:device_event_log_impl.cc(208)] [16:43:11.438] Bluetooth: bluetooth_adapter_winrt.cc:1074 Getting Default Adapter failed.
    i am getting above error while executing protractor with typescript tests, could you please help me on this
    Wei Zheng
    Hi @NickTomlin Is it possible if ALL my cases pass, do NOT rerun them?
    someone else know how to config this?