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Dec 2015
Andrew Harcourt
Dec 30 2015 02:34
Hey all.. quick update: the split-transports branch is still very much a work in progress but the tests are almost all passing again. After that, we'll be in a position to tidy up a bunch of naming, add some more conventions (e.g. spotting missing ConfigureAwait(false) calls) and generally making things nice.
The reward for @DamianMac and me is that once the build is green we get to build the Redis transport layer. Famous last words, perhaps, but that's looking like a relatively simple drop-in after all the work that's been done.
(Now if I could just eradicate the last handful of transient failures when thousands of tests run against an Azure Service Bus instance, I'd be a happy little Vegemite :) )
Andrew Harcourt
Dec 30 2015 23:45
... and the tests are passing again :D
There's still a bunch of clean-up to do but things are looking good.
Heads-up, though: if you're running the tests locally, you can expect the entire suite to take about four hours now. We're running them in parallel on @DamianMac's TeamCity server but they're still taking about two hours for a full integration test suite and stress test run.