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Apr 2016
Damian Maclennan
Apr 15 2016 00:10
Hi @drewfreyling we're close, life gets in the way :) The 3.x builds are on our myget feed if you want them. I have a bit of a comms plan before we do a pblic 3 release. I need to update doco a bit and do some announcements (and breaking changes), which involves making the website a little better. Aiming at end of the month.
Drew Freyling
Apr 15 2016 00:11
awesome - are the newer 2.x builds on there too?
nvm found them
now to get back to finding out why we are only ever seeing outbound messages being flushed when we hit the 100 batch size limit.....
Drew Freyling
Apr 15 2016 06:01
has anybody else noticed an issue using nimbus where you only ever get messages sent once you hit the batch limit of 100?
and i'm talking at time spans greater than 100ms obviously