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Aug 2017
Aug 01 2017 01:13
Hi guys , Im trying to use Nimbs window service bus , just wondering any service bus explorer tools available to view the queue and topic ?
Drew Freyling
Aug 01 2017 02:31
@shreekannan try
A webui that uses nimbus under the hood
Disclaimer: slightly biased as I'm a dev on it
Aug 01 2017 03:48
Thanks @drewfreyling i'll try this
Aug 01 2017 07:12
Im using windows service bus 2.1 and try to start the bus service uisng unity IOC Container. Not sure what is missing here. DependencyResolutionException: Failed to construct type
DependencyResolutionException: No registration for type Nimbus.Transports.WindowsServiceBus.Filtering.ISqlFilterExpressionGenerator