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Nov 2017
Drew Freyling
Nov 01 2017 00:38
@flakey-bit are you reaching the message lock timeout?
unfortunately the thread still runs while a new message gets popped back on the queue
@KrugerRuaan_twitter see my message from earlier. might be time to fork!
Eddie Stanley
Nov 01 2017 03:39
@drewfreyling reaching the message lock timeout was indeed the problem.
Drew Freyling
Nov 01 2017 05:10
@flakey-bit what did you do to get around it?
so lets says you are trying to stitch together some pdfs (think 100s) and this always takes longer than the longest peeklock you can have in WSB (5 mins)
the messages will forever be popped back on the queue....
and if they are large messages and you are storing them on the file system you will run out of disk space :)
this sounds like a hypothetical but i can assure you it is not!