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Jul 2016
Utkarsh Raj
Jul 02 2016 10:54
I couldn't get ff to get kde socks proxy
despite wasting several days for it -_-
^^ support for tor proxy, support for gnome nm
Akarshit Wal
Jul 02 2016 11:01
So what's the status now and what is the next thing to do for us?
Utkarsh Raj
Jul 02 2016 11:16
One sec ...
i forgot to add proxy for kde Proxy module in the PR : P
Utkarsh Raj
Jul 02 2016 11:57
Ah, nice, all done. Tor support is complete (the infra is set, though some proxies may needs more testing). Now, ProxyHelper will directly change Proxy settings in GUI module for both gnome NM and kde NM from cli itself (which is really cool).
#18 is not solved. It needs some major changes in design.
#20 looks pretty simple. It would be good next step. (And maybe #15)