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Dec 2015
Paul Kinsky
Dec 09 2015 17:19
@ebiggs: IIRC the message trait has a type param so that a GeneratedMessageCompanion[A] can require that A conform to [A <: GeneratedMessage with Message[A]], this lets it use the toMutable method defined on Message[A] as such:
def toMutable(msg: A): org.apache.avro.generic.GenericRecord = msg.toMutable
@zczapran: avro-codegen does not support value classes. In the future I'd like to add support for custom types via something similar to ScalaPB's TypeMapper:
@ebiggs is currently working on a custom schema parser. When that's done we will be able to augment the avro schema specification to include an optional scalaType that will function similarly to the protobuf annotation used by ScalaPB: [(scalapb.field).type = "mydomain.Seconds"].