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Dec 2015
Malcolm Greaves
Dec 11 2015 00:17
@ebiggs merging once travis finishes and gives the OK
Malcolm Greaves
Dec 11 2015 00:41
Released 0.3.0 which includes @ebiggs 's awesome new feature.
Malcolm Greaves
Dec 11 2015 01:26
So in spectacular fashion.....we forgot to ensure that the actual code generation step uses this new parser XD
@pkinsky and I will work on this tomorrow and get this sorted out
(1) make sure that the codegen part uses the new partial schema parser
(2) have it work with both .avsc and .avsp
(3) update the end-to-end tests to include partial schemas, verify that they are parsed correctly
(4) update the .travis.yml to include "sbt test"
when we fix, we'll release 0.3.1
Eric Biggs
Dec 11 2015 21:40
hah yeah I shoulda mentioned that i didn't do that part!
hey so does anybody else feel like it might be nice to move the Av* stuff into runtime, and put the string literals as partials into a central file and then replace the long canonical strings in each generated class file with a call to AvModule?
that way there's no repetition in the string literals.