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Repo info
  • Oct 23 2020 14:29

    renovate[bot] on nodebb-plugin-composer-default-6.x

    fix(deps): update dependency no… (compare)

  • Oct 23 2020 14:29
    renovate[bot] opened #8788
  • Oct 23 2020 11:12
    julianlam review_requested #8786
  • Oct 23 2020 09:25
    lonkle opened #8787
  • Oct 23 2020 03:43
    renovate[bot] edited #8666
  • Oct 23 2020 03:34
    CLAassistant commented #8786
  • Oct 23 2020 03:33
    CLAassistant commented #8786
  • Oct 23 2020 03:33
    gasoved opened #8786
  • Oct 23 2020 02:39
    julianlam commented #8785
  • Oct 23 2020 02:36
    lonkle edited #8784
  • Oct 23 2020 02:35
    lonkle edited #8782
  • Oct 23 2020 02:35
    lonkle edited #8782
  • Oct 23 2020 02:33
    lonkle edited #8785
  • Oct 23 2020 02:32
    lonkle opened #8785
  • Oct 23 2020 02:29
    lonkle edited #8784
  • Oct 23 2020 02:24
    renovate[bot] synchronize #8666
  • Oct 23 2020 02:24
    renovate[bot] edited #8666
  • Oct 23 2020 02:24

    renovate[bot] on postcss-8.x

    fix(deps): update dependency po… (compare)

  • Oct 23 2020 02:24
    renovate[bot] edited #8666
  • Oct 23 2020 02:19
    lonkle edited #8784
yes, I had the same issue too. Thanks !
Julian Lam
Glad it helped you up :)
... helped you up... what awkward wording
glad it helped you out** :laughing:
@julianlam stop spamming with your nonsense!!
Adam G.
another question, this one more relating to plugins (so not an issue or high priority), but I was wondering if anyone knew of a plugin that could replicate what MyBB does when a user wishes to register. It displays an agreement that the Administrator can customise. I know I can make my own "Terms of Service" page, but I want something like this for things like COPPA compliance (considering my website is for a Minecraft server, so younger people sign up for the forums...). lol
im trying to upload a picture but Gitter is being wierd :smile:
Julian Lam
That'd be something you'd do via a plugin, I think...
TOS setting in admin panel does this already though
Hello all
I have installed NodeBB in Yunohost and install returned 502 Bad Gateway
Julian Lam
Sounds like NodeBB isn't running, then
oh... somebody who is on Yunohost. Hi @peliqueiro ! You installed it from the package nodebb_ynh ?
Balakrishna M
How to package and distribute application for desktop using node js
Hello guys can someone help me
I applied this fix -> NodeBB/NodeBB@8c9bae8 on my forum but it wont work, i still see the bootwatch latest version load in my forum
Adam G.
heyy so im back, again
I've got a spammer who is spaming stuff and then deleting his account it looks like. I want to ban his IP but I cant figure out how
I know how to ban the IPs
but I cant seem to find where I can see the IP used to post stuff when I have "Track IP" thing enabled https://bill-gates-lives-in.yandere.space/308071.png
Adam G.
well nevermind after updating I found all the new options :D
Barış Soner Uşaklı
1.10.0 :soon:
Julian Lam
good thing misty doesn't need slack to launch :P
Howdy, I was wondering if there's been any implementation of explaining the password complexity requirements to users when they register. If not, I'd be happy to submit a PR for it, I'm just unsure where exactly in the codebase something like that would go.
Julian Lam
@tortilaman hello! PRs welcome as always :)
password strength is supplied by zxcvbn library
hello anyone here please
Divyesh Joshi
i want sso
http://xyz.com/api/v2/user/login {"username":"xyz","password":"xyz12#"}
this is working , but not able do it through curl
Hello Every one i created a node js back end structure and i would like to share get feedback and develop on top of it
🇫🇷 Rémy Martin ⌨️
Bonjour !
Il y a des francais ?
hoa vo
wow, anyone actually active in this room?
How to install on cloud?
no one reply?
Hello all, good day
Does anyone have a link of NodeBB Libraries? i.e. the list of core API from the src/ directory. I cannot find any documentation online.
Thanks in advance
Andrew Lewis
has anyone dealt with installing plugins on docker startup?
like is there a well trodden path that I am missing, or is the simplest option to just override the container start command with npm installs?
F. E Noel Nfebe
Hello, please is there a POST route for the rest API to create users? I can't see that in the docs.
can i get module for s3 file store
I got NodeBB to run on Replit!